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Feature Film

Great Belize Productions’ involvement in feature film production dates back prior to the formation of the company, when in 1980 several of its founding shareholders worked on the United Artists film “Dogs of War”, which was shot largely in Belize.

From that experience we discovered that Belize is an ideal environment for location work. Since that time GBP has successfully acted as local production managers for a number of feature films including “Mosquito Coast” (1986), “Caribe” (1987) and “Heart of Darkness” (1993) as well as numerous commercials and music videos.


Belize Mayan Sites

With its great variety of untouched natural scenery Belize boasts locations that can double for Caribbean and South Pacific Islands, Central and South American rainforest or the deepest jungles and rivers of Africa. Dozens of magnificent ancient Maya sites make excellent locations for archeological scenes, while the colonial architecture still found in many Belize City neighborhoods works well for period pieces set in the 19th century tropics.


Belize has made great strides in recent years toward modernizing its infrastructure. This makes film production much easier and extremely cost effective. Paved roads link Belize City with much of the nation, and prime rainforest and river locations can be found less than a half hour’s drive from first class hotels. The same applies to the town of San Ignacio in the Cayo District. That area in the west of the country is home to spectacular mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls, all easily accessible to film crews.

Fixed and cellular telephone service as well as fax and internet access are now available countrywide. Existing hardware can be brought in and simply reprogrammed with local numbers.

Daily direct jet service connects Belize to Miami, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles in the U.S.A. via American, Continental, TACA, USAir and Delta airlines.

Feature Film

Official Cooperation

The Government of Belize, no matter which party is in power, has come to recognize the valuable contribution that film production can make to the economy. As such the authorities have traditionally been very cooperative by minimizing any obstacles and red tape usually associated with shooting on location. This takes the form of rapid clearance of customs, prompt granting of work permits and access to government lands for shooting.

Production Management Services

With our unparalleled experience in film production and the company’s own daily television work, GBP is ideally situated to make sure that productions are completed on time, within budget and with a minimum of hassles. The approach we take is that visiting filmmakers should be left alone to do what they do best: make films. We work to facilitate that process at every stage, from selection and procurement of locations, securing of government permits, employment of local personnel and dealing with local suppliers. Because we are a well established commercial media institution that will remain long after the film company has moved on we are in a unique position to insure that promises made are promises kept and contracts signed are contracts completed.

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