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Heavy Rains Flood the Old Capital

We begin our newscast tonight with images from around Belize City where a number of carriageways, including parts of Mahogany Street, are under several inches of water.  Torrential downpours this afternoon have flooded a number of low-lying areas in the Old Capital.  Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to exercise due care and attention while […]

Bad Weather Forces Closure of Schools Across Belize

Inclement weather over the weekend force the closure of schools across the country today.  It followed the passage of a weather system over the region that brought with it approximately ten inches of rainfall since Friday.  In Belize City, several streets were inundated.  Along the Philip Goldson highway, a number of properties were also under […]

Inclement Weather is Expected to Dissipate by Tuesday

According to the Chief Meteorologist, the inclement weather that is affecting the country will continue to Tuesday before we see some improvement.   Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorological Officer “So the area of low pressure, of course, has already moved across Central America, but the moisture in its wake continues and we also have a moist […]

NEMO Says No Emergency Rescue Needed So Far Due to Flooding

And because the rains kept on coming down over the weekend, it created flash flooding in certain areas of the country. Luckily this time, everyone seemed to have heeded the advisories that NEMO has been issuing.  Many also took the necessary measures to either move out of the flood-prone areas in time, or stayed away […]

NEMO Advises People to Be Cautious and Vigilant over Next Few Days

All the ferries across the Belize River in Cayo District had to be closed over the weekend, including the Baking Pot Ferry, the Xunantunich Ferry, and the Iguana Creek Bridge.  The low-lying wooden bridge also had to be closed on Sunday, as the waters continued to rise. And because the weather forecast calls for even […]

B.W.S. Addresses Water Conservation Amid Flooding

Belize Water Services Limited has issued a public notice on water conservation.  The utility company has also issued a similar advisory for customers to boil water before consumption.  Earlier today, B.W.S. informed customers in areas experiencing flooding, particularly those connected to San Ignacio/Santa Elena distribution system that one of its pumps has burnt out and […]

Met Office Closely Monitoring Weather Over Eastern Caribbean Sea

The National Meteorological Service is keeping a watchful eye on an area of low pressure that is forming over the eastern Caribbean Sea, several hundred miles south of Puerto Rico.  According to Chief Met Officer Ronald Gordon, there are several models being followed, including one which indicates that the system will gradually head west towards […]

Chief Met Officer Says No Cause for Alarm Just Yet

According to the Chief Met Officer, while the system is being monitored, Belize is not in any emergency.  Should the system become a threat to the country, the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, will be activated and a state of emergency will be declared.   On the phone: Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorological Officer “The bottom […]

Belizean Student Shares Earthquake Experience in Jamaica

While Belize is monitoring a possible tropical depression that can form in the eastern Caribbean Sea in the days ahead, Jamaicans are recovering from an earthquake that shook the island nation this morning.  The epicenter of the seismic activity that measured five point six on the Richter scale was located roughly ten kilometers south of […]

Stimson Center Launches CORVI Climate Assessment in Belize City

A climate and ocean risk vulnerability initiative assessment is being conducted in Belize City and surrounding communities.  It began earlier this week with a series of seminars and meetings with key stakeholders from local businesses, government, academia and civil society.  This morning, we stopped by the Biltmore Hotel where the sessions were being held.  Carolyn […]

News5 Online Exclusive: Extreme Heat Temperatures Create Unsafe Working Conditions in the Caribbean

Extreme heat temperatures in the Caribbean place workers at risk, creating a sense of urgency for the need for risk-reduction strategies. Heat exposure from climate events is a major concern in the Caribbean. Heat stress in particular is quite common, primarily in the dry season, but hotter conditions have also been recorded during the wet […]

Weather System Over Region Causing Heavy Rains Over Belize

The country saw a weather system dumping heavy rains over most areas over the past twenty-four hours. It was caused by a broad area of low pressure that’s crossing over the region and is expected to continue for the next day, with conditions gradually improving. Chief Meteorologist Ronald Gordon explains.   Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist […]

Wind Shear Causes Change in Hurricane Development Conditions

At the start of this hurricane season, weather experts had predicted that because the El Nino phenomenon was accompanied by very warm sea surface temperatures that would make the hurricane season almost as active as the La Nina. And while that has been the case and storms have been forming frequently, they haven’t been able […]

My God, The Tree and Me: Remembering Hurricane Hattie

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is underway.  While we have been fortunate thus far not to be affected by adverse weather, tonight’s episode of Belize on Reel looks back at the harrowing experience of Hurricane Hattie in 1961 and the devastating loss in its wake.  The story of Reverend Otto Wade may not be familiar […]

NEMO Names New Coordinator as T.S. Bret Maintains Westward Track

The National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, has a new coordinator. Retired B.D.F Captain, Daniel Mendez has replaced Shelton Defour, who has been there for over two decades. It was announced today that the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Management has appointed Mendez to fill the post. In the capacity of National […]

Hottest Days for 2023 Recorded in May

Like many other Belizeans, you have probably been complaining about the intense temperatures being experienced across the country over the last few weeks. The National Meteorological Service has concluded an analysis of the severe heat. According to that study, the hottest days for 2023, so far, were recorded in May. Interestingly, however, the study reveals […]

Thirty More Heat Wave Events Forecasted for 2023

The analysis also took an in-depth look at heat wave events in 2023. A heat wave event is a period when temperatures that fall within the top ten percent of the historical record last for at least two consecutive days. Tower Hill, for example, recorded the longest heat wave event for 2023, lasting twenty six […]

CDEMA: Even During El Nino, Warm Temperatures Can Cause Storm Development

As we reported on Thursday, weather forecasters are predicting an almost normal hurricane year for 2023 in terms of storm activity, despite the fact that they are also expecting an El Nino phenomenon to occur. While this often suppresses hurricane development, the extremely warm temperatures that are accompanying the El Nino this year are also […]

CDEMA Advises People to Pay Keen Attention to Storm Advisories

Riley advised people in the Caribbean to listen to the advisories that the National Meteorological Service will give when a storm is threatening. She said that because each storm will have different characteristics from another with similar strength, paying attention to the details of the forecasts can be the difference between life and death.   […]

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected to be Near Normal

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June first to November thirtieth, is expected to be a near normal year in terms of activity. Forecasters predict that there is a forty percent chance of a near-normal season, a thirty percent chance of an above-normal season and a thirty percent chance of a below-normal season. […]

CEMO Marks the Start of 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season with Stakeholder Symposium

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane season officially begins on Thursday. To mark the start of the season, the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) hosted a symposium in Belize City. The event, titled “Build Disaster Resilience”, saw the participation of various stakeholders from across government ministries and humanitarian organizations. They all gathered to discuss the strengths and […]

Record 63,000 Tons of Trash Removed From Belize City Streets Following Hurricane Lisa

Melanie Dawson, the CEMO Liaison Officer at the Belize City Council, also gave an overview of the cleanup efforts that the council undertook across the city following the all-clear. She says that sixty-three thousand, six hundred and thirty tons of solid waste were removed from the streets of Belize City during the operation. The National […]

Mayor Wagner Wants less Bureaucracy in Distribution of Hurricane Relief Supplies

Following Hurricane Lisa, the Belize City Council spent an estimated five hundred thousand dollars, according to Mayor Wagner. He explained that these funds were reimbursed by central government. Another weakness that Mayor Wagner identified is the bureaucracy that affected persons often face in accessing relief supplies.   Bernard Wagner, Belize City Mayor “What we also […]

CitCo’s Final Preparation for 2023 Hurricane Season

It is less than two days before the start of the 2023 hurricane season and the Belize City Council is completing several projects, hopefully ahead of the rains. Keeping drains free of debris that may block the runoff of flood waters and the completion of a pump station in the Yarborough community are in the […]

Ministry of Rural Development Addresses Drought in Northern Belize

The dry season has been unforgiving this year, particularly for residents in the north where wells in various rural communities have all but dried up.  Despite government’s efforts to assist with the water crisis, there are a number of challenges facing the Ministry of Rural Development.  According to Minister Oscar Requeña, government is taking initiative […]