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Steven Diaz is Charged for OW Baker’s Murder

Twenty-two-year-old Steven Diaz is tonight in police custody after handing in himself in the presence of an attorney.  On Tuesday, we reported that the Orange Walk resident was wanted in connection with the murder of nineteen-year-old Joshua Ku which occurred in the predawn hours of February eleventh.  Ku, a baker of Orange Walk Town, was […]

Minister of Land Speaks on Gertude Hunter Eviction

Reporters caught up with Minister of Natural Resources, Cordel Hyde earlier today in Belize City where he was asked to weigh in on the matter involving Gertrude Hunter. Minister Hyde frowned on reports that police officers were involved in the eviction process, a practice he says should not be countenanced. He further noted that the […]

News Five’s Dives Deep in Latest Children Act Amendment

A study done by UNICEF and the Statistical Institute of Belize five years ago revealed that only twenty-four percent of Belize’s children have the support of their fathers as they grow up. The study shows that a mother’s presence is not guaranteed as well, with only sixty-eight percent caring for their children in their first […]

Senate Debates Legislation That Legitimized National Women’s Commission

On Thursday, the Senate also debated legislation that seeks to establish the National Women’s Commission as a legal body. Lead U.D.P. Senator, Michael Peyrefitte, argued that while the legislation seems like a noble effort on the surface, it gives the minister undue discretion for appointments. He further contended that the commission is a way for […]

Disgruntled Widower Sues Former Attorney Over S.S.B. Settlement

When Jane Ifeanyichineke died of stage four colon cancer a few years ago, her husband applied to the Social Security Board for widower’s pension, believing that he was eligible to collect those benefits.  His application was denied and he subsequently sought the counsel of attorney Orson Elrington in a claim against the S.S.B.  According to […]

Attorney Says Claim Against Him is Driven by Greed

News Five contacted attorney Orson Elrington for a response to the claim being brought against him.  While Elrington told us that the matter is before the court, he did mention that the matter was initially taken on as a pro bono case which he believed was a landmark case for gender equality.  He explains what […]

No Case Submission Refused in Oscar Selgado Trial

Attorney Oscar Selgado was back in court today to hear Justice Nigel Pilgrim’s verdict on a no case submission by his attorney Adolph Lucas. Selgado and his attorney did not receive the news they hoped for, as Justice Pilgrim wasted no time in handing down his ruling. The no case submission was denied by the […]

ComPol Williams Press Charges against Brother For Alleged Cyber Bullying

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, has pressed charges against his brother, Arthur Williams, for alleged cyber bullying. This morning, Arthur Williams was escorted to the Belize City Magistrates Court in handcuffs. He appeared unbothered as he raised his shackled arms for the camera. Williams was unrepresented in court where he was read three charges, two […]

Jasmine Hartin Returns to Court in Belize

Jasmine Hartin was back in court today where she is being represented by a new attorney in a matter involving drug and assault charges that she picked up a while back when she was busted with 0.5 grams of cocaine.  As we’ve reported, Hartin pleaded not guilty to manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death […]

Too Many Foreign Judges, Only One Belizean

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize has sounded the alarm on serious concerns regarding the composition of High Court bench.  As it stands, there is only one Belizean judge who sits on the bench, that is Justice Michelle Arana.  The remaining seventeen judges are non-Belizeans.  In a statement issued by the umbrella organization earlier […]

Gun Licenses for Security Firms Will Be Reviewed

On Tuesday, the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams responded to questions from the media on topics separate from the Oscar Selgado abetment charge for which he gave testimony. One of the topics posed had to do with gun licenses, particularly pertaining to security companies that hold gun licenses that were issued when he was authorized […]

Well-known Belize City Lawyer is Accused of Raping Two Women

Tonight, a prominent attorney and member of the United Democratic Party is under investigation, amid allegations being made by a pair of women involving the crime of rape.  The incident reportedly happened at the lawyer’s residence here in Belize City in the wee small hours of Friday morning, after a night of socializing at a […]

Police Awaiting Instructions from DPP on Rape Case

ComPol Williams told the media this afternoon that the initial report was made after one of the alleged victims told her boyfriend what had taken place overnight.  He also says that the police department is awaiting instructions from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on how to proceed with the matter.   Chester […]

Opening Ceremony held for 2024 Legal Calendar

The opening ceremony for the Senior Court session for the 2024 legal year aired virtually today. The ceremony included a mass at the Wesley Methodist Church, and the usual pomp and circumstance with the parade of police officers and the B.D.F. marching band, which played the Belizean National Anthem in front of the historic court […]

Chief Justice: Justice System Needs Admin. Department

As Chief Justice Louise Blenman alluded to in her address, the senior courts made great strides in 2023 and managed to dispose of a great percentage of civil and criminal cases. The addition of the four new judges is expected to improve the court’s efficiency. She did point out, however, the need for an administration […]

Critical Criminal Justice Legislations to Be Enacted in 2024

In this legal year, under legal reform, a number of criminal justice legislations will be enacted. One of these is a Criminal Procedure Plea Discussion and Plea Agreement Act and a new alternative Sentencing Act. Draft Bills were circulated to stakeholders back in October, 2023 and a final set of comments last week to strengthen […]

AG Says Magistracy and Family Court Systems Also Upgraded

And while notable enhancements were highlighted within the justice system, one of them is that the Family Court is now housed at the Charles Bartlett Hyde building on Mahogany Street in Belize City. This allows for a more spacious environment for the sensitive cases that are heard within those walls. Attorney-General Sylvestre touched on institutional […]

Firearms and Ammunition Control Board Officially Constituted

As of today, Belizeans will no longer have to go through the Commissioner of Police to obtain gun licenses. Instead, they will go through a control board. The Firearms and Ammunition Control Board officially replaces the Commissioner of Police as the singular authority in the issuing of firearm licenses in late 2023 and met for […]

Bailiff Brandon Gillett Out On $10,000 Bail For Gun Charges

You may recall that, just a few days ago, municipal court bailiff Brandon Gillett was remanded to the Belize Central Prison on multiple firearms offenses. The thirty-eight-year-old spent a total of five nights behind bars, including Christmas. However, on Thursday, Gillett was released on ten thousand dollars bail and is spending his second night at […]

Shaquille Perrera Arraigned for Deadly Xmas Eve Shooting

Twenty-eight-year-old Shaquille Perrera, a resident of Lake Gardens, Ladyville, has been arraigned on a charge of murder, as well as attempted murder, following a deadly Christmas Eve shooting in Belize City.  Perrera, who has beaten a murder rap previously, stands accused of killing thirty-year-old Darnell Puerto and injuring Jevon Ramclam during an incident at Ramclam’s […]

Another Minor Brought in For Denver Montero’s Murder

Another suspect has been brought in for the murder of twenty-six-year-old Denver Montero. This time, it was a seventeen-year-old minor. Back in April, Denver Montero was killed in a robbery at Gracie Rock village, where he was shot and then chopped to death.  Ryan Kerr, who was also shot during the incident, was able to […]

Brandon Gillett is Remanded to Prison on Firearms Offenses

Tonight, thirty-eight-year-old Brandon Gillett, a bailiff at the Belize City Municipal Court, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison pending bail at the High Court.  He has been charged in the wake of an amateur video that has since gone viral.  In the brief clip, Gillett, dressed in black, is seen brandishing a rifle […]

ComPol Addresses Beefed Up Security at High Court

As we reported on Wednesday, there has been an increase in police presence at the High Court where high-profile inmates are being escorted for trial.  Earlier today, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams outlined new measures that have been put in place in the wake of Hildebrandt Codd’s daring escape.   Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police […]

Three Persons Charged with the Murder of Hugo Rodriguez

Three men have been charged with the murder of forty-five-year-old Hugo Rodriguez. They are nineteen-year-old Osmar Chiac, twenty-one-year-old Twyford Bradford Smith Junior, and twenty-four-year-old Austin Alexander Conorquie. Investigators believe that the men fatally shot Rodriguez on Sunday night in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk District. Rodriguez was at a local store when he got involved in an […]

Josue Sic Charged for Sexual Assault of Minor

Forty-five-year-old Josue Sic stands accused of a heinous act involving a five-year-old girl.  It is alleged that on Sunday, December seventeenth, the laborer of a Holy Emmanuel Street address intentionally touched the infant.  According to the child’s father, he was socializing with Sic and when he got hungry, he left to purchase food somewhere in […]