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CWU Says No To Consensual Work Agreement Contract

On February second, the Belize City Council issued a letter to the Christian Workers Union informing them of the implementation of a Consensual Workplace Agreement. The Belize City Council claims that it was created to avoid discrimination, exploitation, favoritism, and harassment. The document is to be signed by both parties involved in the relationship, as […]

18-Month-Old Child of Murder Victim in Protective Care

The Belize Police Department continues to investigate the murder of thirty-year-old Margaret Cleland that occurred on Tuesday evening in Willows Bank Village. As we reported, her common-law husband, fifty-two-year-old Emeterio Reyes, was detained by police for questioning. His alibi, however, will likely be that he arrived home on the same bus with his neighbor who […]

Rape Accusation “Not Consistent With the Behaviour of Accused”, Says U.D.P. Leader

Barrow noted that while the U.D.P. has conducted its own investigation into the allegations, the party condemns any acts of violence against women. On the other hand, he stated that the accusations are not consistent with the behaviour of the accused, as he knows him. Here is how Barrow puts it:   Moses “Shyne” Barrow, […]

New Evidence in Rape Allegation Reaches DPP Desk

As we have been reporting, files relating to the rape allegations that have surfaced against a well-known Belizean attorney have been sitting on the desk of the Director of Public Prosecution, Cheryl-Lyn Vidal, since last week. So, why have charges not yet been brought against the attorney? We caught up with the DPP today in […]

Counsellor Says Victim-Blaming and Attacks Impact the Victims

The issue of victim-blaming, when people resort to social media platforms to attack others, has become quite a problem.  That’s according to Cynthia Williams, the Human Development Coordinator at the Women’s Department. She says that the attacks can be so bad, that it affects the victims’ performance at work and otherwise.   Cynthia Williams, Human […]

Opposition Leader Says HOTP Crossed a Line

Amidst the rape allegations against the prominent attorney, Hot Off the Press, a purported online news outlet, published an article that amounted to victim shaming. In the one-sided piece, the outlet referred to the alleged victims as unemployed women who were at a nightclub socializing in the company of several other men. The caption was […]

BAPDA Says Ableist Officers Should Be Terminated

The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, says he is tired of answering for police officers’ stupidity. This is after a video of police officers mocking a mentally challenged man went viral on social media. To make matters worse, the video was recorded by a police officer inside a police station. The Belize Assembly of Persons […]

New Regulations for Social Media Pages?

It’s been one week since allegations of rape emerged against a popular Belizean attorney. Two women came forward, alleging that the attorney, who they met at a night spot in Belize City, later took them to a house. There, they allege that he raped both of them while they were heavily under the influence of […]

Minister Musa Slams Hot Off the Press Facebook Page

The Minister of Home Affairs criticized Hot Off the Press for the way it attacked the women and for, in his words, “adding insult to injury” by showing the video recording publicly of the two alleged victims. The actions by Hot of the Press, according to Minister Musa, who is also an attorney, prove nothing […]

The Advances and Challenges of COP28 and What it Means for SIDS

By Hipolito Novelo The initiation of COP28 climate talks marked the inception of a novel fund aimed at addressing the escalating losses and damages faced by vulnerable countries due to the intensifying impacts of climate change. COP28 unfolded as a landmark event in the global response to climate change. It culminated in an extended period […]

Social Security Board Demands Respect

This morning at eight a.m., the Christian workers Union and Social Security Board convened outside the Social Security Headquarters in Belmopan where they staged a peaceful protest. About thirty S.S.B. employees gathered in the hopes of meeting with their management in order to voice their displeasure on what they claim, is a recurring issue of […]

News Five Investigates Child Mortality at Public Hospitals

In part one of our Hospital Horrors investigative series, we told you about the nightmarish experiences of Leah Woodeye, Deon Woodeye and Nayomi Guerrero, two separate experiences at two different hospitals.  Tonight, we take a closer look at some specific points they highlighted from their encounters. We also hear from Doctor Natalia Beer the Maternal […]

Families seek Justice for Baby Aaron and Deon

Guerrero’s nightmare at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital was far from over after her newborn son, Aaron Allen, died inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. At the time that Aaron Allen’s body was being held in the hospital morgue, a second newborn named Aaron Jones was also being housed. Aaron Allen’s body was released by […]

Invalidity Benefits, the OSH Bill, and One Man’s Struggle

The following story is that of a thirty-six-year-old Belize City resident who comes from a family of police officers.  Tonight, Santiago Ciau Junior is without a job after he was retired by the Government of Belize earlier this year for being medically unfit, following a mishap almost fifteen years ago that has come back to […]

Leader of the Opposition Does Not Support Increase in Price of Sliced Bread

Earlier this week, bakers of sliced bread said they would increase the price from a dollar and seventy-five cents to two dollars and fifty cents per loaf of bread. The price hike will take effect as of December eighteenth. Bakers, like merchants, have cited an increase in the cost of inputs, as well as minimum […]

Police Minister, “Ayana’s Death will be Thoroughly Investigated.”

The tragic passing of four-year-old Ayana Bennett has sent shockwaves across the country, evoking collective mourning and outrage. As citizens grapple with grief surrounding the loss of such a young and innocent life, Minister of Home Affairs Kareem Musa addressed the concerning circumstances surrounding Ayana’s death. Minister Musa also underlined the need for a thorough […]

Belize’s Foreign Minister Reiterates G.O.B.’s Position on Israel

Since the Briceño administration announced on Tuesday that it is suspending all diplomatic ties with Israel, amid the ongoing war in the Middle East, considerable interest has been raised in the foreign press over Belize’s bold decision.  As we’ve reported, a number of direct measures have been taken by Cabinet, including the withdrawal of an […]

Eamon Courtenay on G.O.B.’s Decision, “We consulted widely.”

In some corners of the diplomatic community, supporters of Israel argue that Belize’s position is unfounded.  According to Senator Courtenay, the advice and opinions of government representatives abroad were sought prior to arriving at that position.  The Briceño administration also took into account the firmly held opinions of past foreign ministers on this very issue.  […]

Gungulung Resident’s House Dismantled by Thieves

A mother of four is tonight appealing for help after thieves stole her roofing, bathroom and stairs from her house over the past few weeks. Sasaa Ford says that she has been living in an elevated structure in Gungulung for more than five years. However, in the past few weeks she’s been renting because a […]

Worship Leader, Arraigned on 13 Counts of Aggravated Assault

In early August, news broke that a Belizean worship leader was being accused by a few young women of indecent sexual assault. The number of accusations has grown to several since then. The National Evangelical Association of Belize, NEAB, issued a press release two days later, expressing shock at the news, but commending and offering […]

Chamber Hopes OSH Law Will Take Effect Soon

Wednesday morning’s freak accident at the B.D.F. Air Wing in Ladyville has brought the conversation about safety precautions, as well as the need for employers to provide protective gear for their employees, back to the fore. Today, the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which has been championing the passage of the law along with […]

Patient Seeks Public’s Help to Pay for Surgical Needs

A patient at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital reached out to News Five today to share her concern and urgent need for help in order to receive a surgery to save her left leg. Maribel del Carmen Torres told News Five that late last week, she was cleaning a ceiling fan for a family in […]

Andre Perez, “My Story has not changed, it remains the same.”

While the Attorney General had been tasked with conducting an investigation into the allegations made by Perez’s accuser, there has been no public statements made by the Briceño administration in respect of the outcome of that probe.  When we spoke with Perez this morning and asked if Prime Minister Briceño has reached out to him […]

Understanding the TLEAP Program

This afternoon at the S.C.A. conference room in Belize City, traffic officers from the Belize Council, as well as the Transport Department, were on hand for the training.  Leading the session was John Arana, project officer for the Transportation Leaders Empowered through Education, Awareness and Effective Policy Change on Human Trafficking in Belize, (TLEAP).   […]

An Update on Investigation into Immigration Officer

Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay gave brief comments to the media today about the investigation on immigration officer Sheree Flores for whom a video of her cutting up a white substance, believed to be cocaine, went viral on social media. Flores has said, through her attorney, that there are persons attempting to tarnish her reputation. Today, […]