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P.D.M. Leader says “Fawda” Henry Excommunicated from Political Movement

The leader of the People’s Democratic Movement, Estevan Perera, is defending his name and that of his newly established political organization, after his former city council candidate berated him publicly. Last night, we told you that Phillip “Fawda” Henry, a candidate for the movement, is no longer a member of the PDM. Henry told News […]

Meet the Belmopan Municipal Candidates for the UDP and PUP

Tonight, we continue with our weekly coverage of the upcoming municipal elections. In this installment of Meet the Candidates, we take you to the City of Belmopan, the nation’s Capital. Both the People’s United Party and the United Democratic Party are fielding candidates for March sixth. So, who are these aspiring municipal leaders and why […]

Who Will Take Over the Reins in Belmopan on March 6th?

There are a number of issues that Belmopan residents are expecting their elected municipal leaders to address. The upkeep of streets and drains are among those concerns, as well as debris and garbage collection. There is also a high demand for more family-friendly activities in the nation’s capital. On a political level, both the People’s […]

“Fawda” Henry Withdraws from P.D.M.

He’s been campaigning daily for himself and his fellow candidates with the People’s Democratic Movement, under the leadership of Esteven Perera Senior. But now, there’s been a fall-out between them and Henry says he is no longer a part of the P.D.M. team. It has to do with money issues and Henry told us that […]

Senate Debates Legislation That Legitimized National Women’s Commission

On Thursday, the Senate also debated legislation that seeks to establish the National Women’s Commission as a legal body. Lead U.D.P. Senator, Michael Peyrefitte, argued that while the legislation seems like a noble effort on the surface, it gives the minister undue discretion for appointments. He further contended that the commission is a way for […]

Dolores Refutes Claims from Senator Peyrefitte on NWC

Today, we received a response to Senator Peyrefitte’s comments from Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, the Minister of Human Development. She outrightly rejected the notion that the commission is being used as a means to employ political cronies. Here is how she puts it.   Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Minister of Human Development “I was disappointed to year the lead […]

The Race for Town Hall Kicks Off in Peini

Tonight, we officially commence our pre-election coverage of the 2024 municipals with a series of profiles that will introduce mayoral and councilor candidates from all nine cities and towns to the masses of Belizean voters.  In our inaugural segment, we take you to Punta Gorda where we met with mayoral hopefuls from the Belize Progressive […]

Lack of Proper Infrastructure Hinders PG’s Development

You just met several of the candidates vying for a seat at Town Hall in Punta Gorda on March sixth. They are all optimistic that their respective slates will be successful on Election Day.  Beyond the campaigns, however, are serious concerns being shared by residents of PG and those issues have to do with the […]

Jacklyn Burns Writes Appeals Tribunal Regarding Leave Rejection

On Tuesday, we reported that an application for leave without pay by the United Democratic Party’s Belmopan mayoral candidate Jacklyn Burns was rejected by the Teaching Services Commission.  Burns, a teacher at Belmopan Comprehensive High School, has since written the appeals tribunal regarding the denial of the application which sought time for Burns to campaign […]

U.D.P. Mayoral Candidates Denied Leave of Absence Without Pay

Municipal elections are thirty-seven days away and two U.D.P. Mayoral candidates are facing troubled waters. Belmopan Mayoral Candidate Jacklyn Burns and Corozal Mayoral Candidate Ricardo Ake both applied for leaves of absence without pay from their teaching jobs, to focus on their political pursuits.  Today, those U.D.P. mayoral candidates received official notice that their application […]

Did Demonstrations in Northern Belize Increase U.D.P. Municipal Chances?

With municipal elections scheduled to take place less than seven weeks from now, Barrow was asked if he believes the People’s United Party lost ground in the north as a result of the tensions that arose between the B.S.C.F.A. and A.S.R./B.S.I. A majority of the constituencies in northern Belize have long been considered P.U.P. strongholds. […]

Boots Delivers Signed Petitions to Recall Gilroy Usher in Port

Earlier today, former Port Loyola Area Representative Anthony “Boots” Martinez delivered over one thousand, seven hundred signatures to Governor General Froyla Tzalam requesting a recall of sitting area rep Gilroy Usher Senior. The petition to trigger a recall mechanism requires thirty percent of voters, or one thousand, four hundred and eighty signatures, of the constituency […]

PM Feels He Has Gained Ground Leading into Municipal Elections

The leadership of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association feels that the Prime Minister did not handle the recent sugar cane debacle in the best possible way, with the municipal elections just two months away. In fact, some of the cane farmers who spoke publicly last week even questioned whether or not the prime minister […]

U.D.P. Candidate Secures Seat On Concepcion Council In An Uncontested Bid

Late December 2023 saw tensions rise in Concepcion Village after the Elections and Boundaries Department announced the cancellation of the nominations and bye-election required to fill an open position on the Concepcion Village Council. The member position became vacant when Rosalva Moh resigned in early November to bid for chairperson. Having lost that endeavor, Moh […]

New Political Movement Enters the Municipal Race in Belize City

Political parties often come and go during election season and candidates who form unified movements outside of the traditional two party system, are yet to emerge successful on the municipal and national stages.  But that hasn’t deterred aspiring politicians who are seeking change, without having to conform to the ideals of the established parties, from […]

U.D.P. Says Elections & Boundaries Should Review Concepcion Decision

On Wednesday, the Elections and Boundaries Department announced the cancellation of nominations and bye-election to fill a post vacated in the Concepcion Village Council.  The department, however, did not give a reason for the cancellation of the exercises.  Earlier today, the United Democratic Party wrote to the Chief Elections Officer requesting an immediate revision of […]

San Pedro Mayor, Wally Nunez Endorsed to Run Again

San Pedro Mayor, Wally Nunez was endorsed as the P.U.P.’s mayoral candidate for the municipal slate in San Pedro. During a rally on Saturday night, Nunez received the support of the People’s United Party, which had in attendance Prime Minister John Briceño, Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde, and ministers of Health and the Public Service, Kevin […]

PM Briceño Says Belmopan CitCo Fiasco is an Embarrassment

The internal debacle that continues to humiliate the Belmopan City Council has gotten the attention of Prime Minister John Briceño.  As we reported earlier this week, Mayor Sheran Palacio is presently in Dubai attending COP28.  In her absence she has left councilor Hope Amadi in charge of CitCo as acting mayor.  While the Department of […]

Belize Votes for Saudi Arabia to Host World Expo 2030

Prime Minister John Briceño and a delegation of government officials returned from Saudi Arabia recently where they attended a summit with other CARICOM heads of government.  In the past few months, both South Korea and Saudi Arabia have turned to Belize for its vote so that either of the two countries gets an opportunity to […]

Shyne Says P.U.P. Has Municipal Conflicts All Over

The recent fall-out between Mayor Sheran Palacio, the Belmopan City Council, and officials within the People’s United Party became a topic of discussion a few weeks ago. Palacio has indicated that she will not run again for the position of mayor. And while she seemingly exits the political arena in a storm, today the media […]

What’s Up with Belmopan City Council?

Mayor Sharon Palacio is not running for a second term in office as head of the Belmopan City Council, but the shenanigans at City Hall continue with the appointment of an Acting Mayor by the municipal leader.  This afternoon, the Department of Local Government issued a statement regarding Palacio’s nomination of Councilor Hope Amadi as […]

U.D.P. Condemns PM Briceño’s Judicial Interference

A legal challenge is presently before the Chief Magistrate regarding a residential address in Mesopotamia provided by the Leader of the Opposition.  We have been reporting on the progress of this matter in the lower court.  But recently, things have spilled outside of the courtroom and into the street where Prime Minister John Briceño has […]

P.U.P. Fights to Remove Shyne Barrow off Mesop Voters List

While Barrow is taking the former prime ministers and foreign ministers to task on their collective position on Israel, the People’s United Party has mounted a legal battle in the lower court in an attempt to have him removed from the voters roll in Mesopotamia.  In the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate earlier today, several […]

How Did U.D.P. Select Belize City Municipal Candidates?

The United Democratic Party unveiled its Orange Walk municipal slate on Saturday after revealing its pool of candidates for Belize City a day before.  But what was the selection process in determining the eligibility of persons who submitted their names to run in the March 2024 town and city council elections and how many hopefuls […]

U.D.P. Introduces Belize City Municipal Slate 2024

This morning at the U.D.P. headquarters in Belize City, eleven candidates, including a new mayoral hopeful, were officially introduced as the party’s slate in the upcoming municipal elections.  The introduction succeeds a P.U.P. convention held in Belize City last Sunday in which nine candidates were elected to represent the ruling party at the polls in […]