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“HURRICANE IRIS – AFTER THE STORM” – On the night of October 8, 2001, Hurricane Iris hit the coast of Southern Belize with sustained winds of 145 miles per hour and a 15-foot storm surge. By the time the hurricane dissipated over Guatemala it had cut a 30-mile wide swath of destruction through the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. Twenty people were killed, dozens of villages leveled, cayes inundated, crops destroyed and over 12,000 residents left homeless. As the winds subsided News 5 reporters Janelle Chanona and Jacqueline Woods along with cameramen Rick Romero and Brent Toombs set out to chronicle the story of Hurricane Iris throughout the devastated areas. This is a collection of the dramatic stories they found.

The Land of Belize“THE LAND OF BELIZE” – Explore Belize’s Natural history as host Therese Rath explains how the land we now call Belize emerged from ancient geological upheavals and gradually acquired its present day characteristics. This educational narrative looks at different soil and forest types as well as the diverse plant and animal life they support. Also examined is man’s impact on the land and what we must do to protect our natural resources. TRT: 47 min.

Belize - The Maya Heritage“BELIZE: THE MAYA HERITAGE” – In the first episode of a two part history of Belize, host Froyla Salam takes a look back at Belize’s Maya civilization from its earliest roots to the arrival of the first Spanish colonizers in the 16th century. The presentation includes interviews with a number of archeologists explaining their work in Belize. TRT: 32 min .

The Sea of Belize“THE SEA OF BELIZE” – The hemisphere’s longest barrier reef, off-shore atolls, pristine cayes, clear warm waters and the creatures that inhabit them, draw thousands of visitors each year. Join host Tom Greenwood as he takes us beneath the surface of the Caribbean to explore the forces responsible for this fascinating world of coral canyons, mangrove estuaries, shallow plains of seagrass and the plunging depths beyond the reef. TRT: 36 min.

"FROM INVASION TO NATION: A HISTORY OF BELIZE"“FROM INVASION TO NATION: A HISTORY OF BELIZE” – This presentation, written by Assad Shoman covers the history of Belize from the arrival of Europeans on the region’s shores, through Belize’s Independence in 1981 and beyond. Utilizing old publications, re-creations and visits to historical sites, the video shows how Belize’s history has been shaped by the influence of outside powers and the indigenous reaction to it. TRT: 52 min.

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